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Stepmother Poetry ~ The Extra Step








The Extra Step


As we come together…
We remember back
scraped knees
broken bones
broken hearts of teenage love
car accidents

You mended them all

always caring
always nurturing
always teaching
always there

How were you always there?
Whenever we wanted you…
And more so when we needed you…

You made it your joy
to sacrifice for us

You made it your passion
to share our passions

You made it your mission
to ask for the best from us

You were always the mother
that you didn’t have to be
And perhaps that was the extra step
that got added to your title

you would always take the extra step

For us, you were, and always will be

And we celebrate you
and your life

There is an empty place
which can never be filled
because you poured yourself so fully
into our lives,
into our hearts,
into us.


~ Johnathan Kraft

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The Extra Step in Loving Memory

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