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Stepmother Poetry ~ Thank You to My Wife








With Thanks to My Wife


 I knew you were amazing

from the day that we first met.
I had a feeling we’d be together.
I thought it was a pretty sure bet.

One thing I didn’t know for sure
was how, with my kids, it would go.
Would they feel encroached upon?
Could a relationship grow?

But it has worked through your sacrifice,
as well as the love and care you’ve given,
the contributions you’ve made every day,
and the extra miles you’ve driven.

You didn’t have to be a mom
to children who were not yours.
But you embraced with loving arms
helping them learn, helping with chores

and helping them learn the value of love
and how to get things done really well.
You wiped away many teary eyes.
you helped them when they fell.

Today with these words I recognize
and appreciate all that you’ve done.
You’ve built a life for us all together
along the way, you’ve made it quite fun.

Thank you for being a mom to them.
Thank you for being there for me.
You continue to amaze me daily.
Thank you for building our family.

~ Johnathon Kraft

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