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Stepfather Quote & Wisdom ~ Simplicity 101



“Live simply.  Love generously.  Care deeply.  Speak kindly… and leave the rest to God.”

~ Author Unknown


Please watch the following 3+ minute video. 

Doesn’t that describe most of us?  Well maybe not you but definitely me. :-P We immediately begin checking out everyone’s coffee cup making sure no one got one better than the cup we picked.  We inspect our selected cup ensuring its equal with our own self perceptions of our stature.  We allow something as trivial as a coffee cup to have power over us in the same way, we allow our perceptions of ourselves and others to be based on where they live, what they wear or what they drive.

We sabotage our ability to fully enjoying the coffee by focusing on the cups.  Does the style or the ornateness of the cup make the coffee taste any better?  Savor the coffee not the cup.

It’s natural for us to want only the best for ourselves. This tendency combined with our desires to acquire our wants in addition to needs is the source of our stress and problems.  For example, we all want the best for our families, especially our children. 

We buy homes that need two incomes to afford, and we buy wants that demand our financial resources, time and energy to maintain them.  We involve our selves in so many outside activities and commitments that we have very little time for ourselves much less for our families. 

We meet our families physical needs and wants but leave their emotional and relationship needs unfulfilled.  Hopefully, we’ve already come to the realization we cannot replace relationship with things.  We must be able to find a balance between life itself and the trappings of life.

The idea of simple living appeals to many of us.  While some of us regard it as “doing without” or “having less.”  Less of what?  Would you object to having less stress, sickness or insecurity?

Simplicity can be thought of as an evaluation of our current priorities, habits, skills and values.  It means getting rid of many of the things we do so we can spend more time with the people you love and doing the things you love.  It means getting rid of the clutter, so you are left with only that which gives you value.
Simplicity - less equals more

Getting to Simplicity

Getting to simplicity is a journey, not a destination. If your life feels complicated, if it feels stressed or out of control make a decision to examine your life in detail and take it to its simplest form.
  • Live humbly before your God
  • Learn to live with what you need and within your means
  • Find beauty, value, and worth all around you
  • Do a good job at whatever you do
  • Don’t try to be more or less than God’s design for you
  • Love your family with all you are not all you can buy them
  • Own what you actually need and make it simple to care for
  • Keep an eternal focus
  • Live like your camping this side of eternity, don’t take it too seriously and landscape it
The happiest people make the best of everything – they don’t have the best of everything. Please rate this post using the Stars and Thumbs below.  Thank you.



























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